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Shelving racks

Shelving racks are our traditional products. We manufacture category types in many dimensions and surface finishes. Due to their high quality, wide scale of dimensions, surface finishes and loading capacities our racks are suited in companies, households, studios, garages, cellars, pantries, offices, warehouses, archives, hospitals, schools or production plants.

Mounted racks with MDF shelves and steel frame exceed especially for their unique physical properties. Persistent steel frame combined with solid board provides high loading capacity per shelf and also of whole rack. Height of shelves are adjustable.

Mounted racks with shelves made from steel are characterized by very easy assembly, high loading capacity, low weight and high-quality surface finishing.

Screwed racks with shelves made from steel are characterized by high stability and loading capacity as well as high-quality surface finishing

Our shelving racks

Our shelving racks exceed for their durability, which we warrant by five years guarantee for each type we produce. Sophisticated design guarantees easy assembly or disassembly and also stability and safety even when rack bears maximal allowed loading. We offer all-metal racks as well as combined racks with steel frame and MDF shelves.

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