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Profiles, pipes and flat material slitting

Input material for our production are coils we buy directly from ironworks.

We slit steel coils into required widths with our own slitting line. We can slit input coils up to 1550 mm wide and 4 mm thick. Weight limit of coil is 27 tons.

We use fiber lasers or saws for transversal cutting of profiles.

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    Dělení profilů, trubek a plošného materiálu

    I’m interested in cooperation

      Dělení profilů, trubek a plošného materiálu

      Technological possibilities of transverse and longitudinal coils cutting:

      • Thickness of input material from 0,8 up to 4 mm
      • Width of input material – maximum 1550 mm
      • Width of the final strip from 16 mm
      • Coils – weight up to 27 tons

      Laser cutting of pipes and profiles with parameters bellow:

      • for closed profiles with round, square, rectangular or oval shape made from carbon and stainless steel, aluminum alloys, brass and copper
      • pipes with diameter 12 – 120 mm of profiles with rim 12 – 100 mm,
      • length of bar from 3200 mm up to 6500 mm,
      • length of final part at most 4500 mm.

      Extension of pipe and profile parameters for saw cutting:

      • length of input profile – at most 6500 mm
      • length of final part – at most 3000 mm
      • wall thickness of input material – maximum 6 mm
      • maximum dimensions – 80×60 mm (profiles), diameter 80 mm (pipes)
      • cutting center allows automated removal of burrs and cuts

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